Dear Scottish Labour…

It’s no accident that the prominent Labour figures who are coming out in support of independence tend to be former politicians and activists. These are, by and large, people who were part of what we now call ‘Old Labour’ – from a time when Labour could rightly claim to have socialist ideals.

With many of them now retired, they aren’t bound by the same necessity to toe the party line any more, unlike their current successors.

They are now free to say “You know what, I do believe that Scotland can, and should, become an independent nation.”. And the fact that so many are doing this now – along with an estimated 28% of Labour voters, according to the latest TNS survey – speaks volumes for the case for independence.


Eleanor McLaughlin (former Labour Lord Provost of Edinburgh), Blair Jenkins and Dennis Canavan (photo from Yes Scotland)

So please, if you are an undecided or a No-voting Labour supporter, look at the case for independence with fresh eyes.

Look at the reasons these former politicians and activists have given for supporting it.

Look up ‘Labour for Independence’, read their website, follow their Twitter account, go to one of their events and listen to their arguments with an open mind. Challenge them, stimulate debate, listen.

This is so much more important than party politics, and this is our one shot at this. So please look at the pro argument with the objectivity and respect that such a crucial decision deserves – that all of the people who live in Scotland deserve.

That’s all we ask of you.