Moving Forward

We’re all obviously massively disappointed after the result, and we’re left wondering what way to go now.

There seems to have been a boom of new independence-supporting Facebook pages since yesterday, which is obviously great and shows the determination we all have to carry this thing on.

But we have to make sure we don’t lose touch with the broad and dynamic base we’ve all helped to build over the past months and years.

I’m thinking that we have to continue in more or less the same way, whilst learning lessons from what happened – with particular emphasis on dealing with the establishment machine and media. But we can’t splinter into ever smaller pieces if we want to build up from here.

We’re all part of these solid foundations. We already have great and varied groups, like RIC, National Collective, Women for Independence, Labour for Indy and Business for Scotland, etc – not forgetting the official Yes Scotland campaign itself, which helps to pull everything together.

Let’s keep all of these going strong and help to further broaden this fantastic movement we’re part of, so that we’re not just waiting for the next opportunity, but actually creating it.

I don’t know what each group is doing or planning at the moment, but if it’s not been proposed already, I don’t see what harm a conference involving all of these groups could do. A formal, detailed meeting, exchanging ideas and planning a joint route forward, whilst still maintaining the individual integrity of each group.

We have the means and the people – now we need the direction.