It’s all in the detail…

Eddie Izzard last night stunned his Twitter followers with the publication of detailed analysis of the independence debate thus far.

After months of collating and examining the evidence, discussing the issues with leaders of all the political parties and hosting debates with members of the public who actually have a say and a stake in the referendum, Izzard said:

“Scotland, please don’t go.”

In a well thought out piece rivaled only by ‘War and Peace’ for length, Izzard invoked memories of the great David Bowie, who recently said, via the medium of Kate Moss:

“Scotland, stay with us!”

And who could forget David Barrowmans fact-strewn video message, littered with pertinent and persuasive arguments for the union?

I’ve tried to forget, believe me!

I jest, of course.

The trouble with these celebrity ‘endorsements’ is that they demonstrate no engagement with any of the arguments at all. Short one-liners and fake accents do not reasoned arguments make. All they do show is that the celebrities in question are apparently quite happy to be dismissive of the long debates and discussions that HAVE taken place among the people who actually matter in all of this – the people who live in Scotland: online and on the bus; at work and at home; up the highstreet and down the pub.

We’ve been putting in the hours – talking, listening and considering.

That doesn’t in itself mean that we’re right and they’re wrong, of course, but there’s effort there.

There are many celebrities on our side too of course, but look at the differences. We have well known faces talking and arguing about independence daily, not making cheap one-off pleas.

Elaine C Smith, Eddi Reader, Frankie Boyle, Hardeep Singh Koli, Alan Bissett, Irvine Welsh, etc, etc… Loads of them. Look them up on Twitter – they’re constantly debating and discussing. Constantly involved in trying to shape the future.

They are engaged and they are actively informing themselves and others. That is the difference.