Sooo sick of hearing it…

It’s just a stab in the dark this, but I’m guessing that most other independence supporters are getting a bit sick of the “if you leave, you condemn rUK to generations of Tory governments” line trotted out by Labour unionists?

It’s getting rather tired, isn’t it? We KNOW that of the eighteen UK General Elections since 1945, only TWO would have seen a very slim Labour majority become a very slim Tory majority (1964 and 1974), had Scotland been out of the equation. We know this to be true because we have such things as written records of the results.

But written facts aside, what is even more frustrating about these nonsensical claims is that those who make them seem to be trying to guilt-trip the people of Scotland into thinking that we are somehow the ethical guardians of our southern neighbours, and that it is we who are the UK’s social conscience – some sort of ‘Jimmy McCricket’.

Frankly, if the rest of the UK want to keep on voting for the self-centred Tories, they’ll keep on doing it. If Labour are struggling to get a decent foothold, perhaps rather than blaming a Scotland that wants to start afresh, they should be looking at themselves and why the voters of rUK seem unwilling to return to them. Just possibly, they should take a long hard look at THEMSELVES and what it is they actually stand for, rather than still trying to entice the middle-England vote at the expense of traditional Labour values. Simply saying “I’m a socialist”, doesn’t make it so.

But fundamentally, it is not Scotland’s place or job to dilute the impact of the Tories in rUK. We have our own country to run, and we’re making it pretty clear that we want to take Scotland in a new, fairer, more socially democratic direction than we have been coerced into taking by being in the union. If the majority of votes in rUK continue to go to the Tories, the Tories will win – that’s rUK’s lookout! A lot of left-wing independence supporters, from both inside and outside Scotland, actually see Scottish independence as an opportunity for real left-wing politics to start building up within rUK, not the opposite.

What Labour are trying to do here is tell the Scottish electorate that if they vote for independence, they’re selfish: “How dare you seek to improve democracy for yourselves! How very dare you!”

The Tories will continue in rUK. Labour will continue in rUK. The Lib Dem’s… well, let’s keep that fiver firmly tucked in the wallet for now! But our leaving will have no sizeable impact on who runs the rUK Government, and that’s a demonstrable, undeniable, provable fact.

And this thing about us ‘looking out’ for rUK… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if Labour are really so concerned with their ‘borders are coming down, not going up’ line that they come out with, let’s see their proposals for anything like political unification with France, Angola, Denmark, China, Sudan, Ecuador, Somalia, etc. They’re just fantasy emotional blackmail lines which play absolutely no role in actual Labour policy.

We don’t need to share a parliament to care about or help other people around the world. Don’t fall for such meaningless drivel.


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  1. The flip side of this argument (usually from the same people) is the one which goes ‘Scotland needs the rUK to save it from sectarian strife’. I’m looking at YOU, George Galloway!

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