Your name’s not on the list…

I was in my usual coffee shop haunt today, when in popped an Aussie guy in who I hadn’t seen for a while.

We’re not bosom buddies or anything, but we always say hello to one another and have a wee chat. So I said hi, mentioned that I hadn’t seen him for a while and asked him if he’d been anywhere nice.

His reply somewhat startled me.

It turned out that he was deported back to Australia six months ago, on nothing more than a SUSPICION of having done something to contravene the terms of his visa.

He lost his job, his home, his girlfriend, his friends – his whole life. All because of a ‘suspicion’.

Fortunately, he eventually made it back, thanks to being lucky enough to be able to get a half-decent lawyer in Australia. I expressed surprise that he would even want to return to the UK, given the despicable way he was booted out. His life was here, he replied.

I’ve heard of a few such stories recently. This is what happens when you have a UK government determined to drive down immigration figures at any cost. To hell with the lives of those that they can tick off their list – not their problem once they’re on that plane.


It is utterly shameful – I actually felt embarrassed that I’m currently part of a country that does this.

The UK government already runs roughshod over the lives of the less fortunate in society, and now it’s ruining the lives of people who they think can simply be forgotten about because they’ve been ‘sent home’.

The sooner Scotland votes to get rid of the type of Tory scum who think this sort of behaviour is acceptable, the better. Unfortunately, we still have 10 months to wait, but I for one will be counting down the days and fighting to make it happen.


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  2. Tory scum ay and Cameron’s a Scot isn’t he? it’s all very easy for you to shout but there are schools in Oldham with no white pupils and only one in three in Birmingham are white. Just as you will be voting for independence for Scotland I’ll be voting for it foe England and one of the first proposals will be to charge more for Scotch students in English universities as the Scotch are doing to English students in Scotland. I’d do EXACTLY the same to you as you are doing to us. if independence doesn’t work please don’t ask to come back.

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