A Labour of Lust

I noticed this Labour leaflet the other day when it popped up on my Facebook feed, shared by an SNP-supporting friend. It’s from the now imminent Dunfermline by-election. 


At first I thought it was just a bit desperate – the usual kind of playground nonsense that most of us have come to expect from Labour these days. And it is that. There’s nothing of meaning in it, no substance, no vision. Nothing but negativity. But there is something slightly odd about it.

It struck me in the shower this morning, which sounds like a terrible cliche, but it’s true – I do all my best thinking in the shower: here are Labour, sworn opponents of independence, using one of the main reasons FOR independence AGAINST an advocate of it!

Look at it:
‘Labour’s candidate, Cara Hilton… Lives and works in Dunfermline’

‘the [nameless] SNP Candidate… Does not live here AND (if you can possibly believe this scandal) works for Yes Scotland’!

Are Labour saying that they believe that the best people to represent somewhere are people that live within that community? I think that’s what they’re saying. In fact, it’s there in black and white (well, black and red/yellow) – that is what they’re saying.

It also emerged last night that Labour also seem to believe that they are the SNP.


Again, notice their interest with ‘local’ politics. 
Such is Labour’s total and unrelenting hatred (jealousy) of the SNP, that they seemingly can’t see their own desperate hypocrisy. They don’t know how to defeat them using actual policy or ideas, so they just throw a bunch of words at a piece of paper and hand them out. Their contempt for the electorate doesn’t waiver – it actually grows bigger and deeper.

I used to think an independent Scotland with a healthy Labour party would be a good thing, but today’s Labour is anything but healthy, and at the moment, I wouldn’t value them at all, in any constitutional arrangement.