I’m starting this blog entry again enraged by the sheer ignorance of the British mainstream media regarding the independence campaign.

I’d forgotten earlier that there was to be an independence discussion on tonight’s Channel 4 News, but at 7.55, I noticed someone had tweeted about it. So I turned the tellybox to Channel 4+1.

Jon Snow welcomed us as usual, providing us with the main headlines, before mentioning that it is one year and one day until the referendum, and passing over to a reporter.

Within fifteen to twenty seconds, the reporter threw away any interest I had in watching. “…and what about the Braveheart factor?” she uttered, or words to that effect.

What about the what??? I’m almost lost for words at how utterly inane and ignorant such a question is. 

Channel 4 News is by no means alone in this attempted discrediting of Yes supporters. Only yesterday, BBC Radio 5 Live’s Victoria Derbyshire hosted a referendum debate from Glasgow.

The audience were vetted by phone before the debate. It’s since been reported ( that independence supporters were asked, on a scale of 1-10, how strongly they supported independence. A follow-up question was then asked: “Was it based on Braveheart and Brigadoon?”!

And the Daily Torygraph, that champion of reason(!), published a piece purporting to be a chance for English-born independence supporters to get their message across ( They actually did quote well-reasoned, logical arguments from Yes voters, I was pleasantly surprised to read.

But then… ‘Next year sees the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn…’.


Perhaps we should put off the vote because it happens (yes, happens) to be in the same year as a 700 year old and totally irrelevant battle? Let’s compare diaries and see if we can find a time that has absolutely no historic anniversaries, shall we…

Were the No voters at the Radio 5 debate vetted and asked if their decision had anything to do with the crusades or Dambusters? Does Channel 4 News talk about the ‘Dad’s Army Factor’ when talking about unionists?

Read my lips, mainstream media: NOBODY – not one solitary person – is supporting independence because of Braveheart, Brigadoon, or any other shit like that! Yes, some people have taken Scotland’s history into account in forming their decision – as people do in all countries in decisions of such importance – but these constant attempts to imply that we’re all really just wanting to paint our faces and scream “FREEDOM!” is totally insulting. Do you think you can you get that through your thick wee London-centric heads yet, eh?

Perhaps if you actually bothered to research the independence campaign, rather than just churning out the same old patronising shite all the time, you’d figure that one out for yourselves.

We’re not holding our breaths.


5 thoughts on “Meeja

  1. This ignorance merely serves to infuriate the majority of Scots, and inadvertently HELPS the independence cause! So, whilst it is irritating, take comfort in the fact it is really annoying lots of people and snigger as the press give us a helping hand!

  2. I lost the plot at the point when she sad ” I’m sure nationalists where raging when Sir Chris Hoy and Mo Farah where in the same team “. What a bleeding racist remark it was. Washing the line between nationalism and racism like the two alike. What a disgrace.

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