Why oh why oh why…

I’m so thoroughly sick of seeing a complete lack of balance in the referendum debate, particularly from the BBC, that I wrote to them just now, using their online complaints procedure: 

The Scottish independence referendum is a crucial matter for people in Scotland, whether they think it or not. It has been noted on many occasions that the BBC has been, and continues to be, very selective with the stories it produces on this.

For example, Paddy Ashdown has questioned the legitimacy of the Ian Taylor donation to Better Together, yet there is nothing at all on it anywhere. Instead, we have a piece about Dennis Canavan talking about a Scottish currency. The former could be seen as negative for Better Together, the latter, for Yes Scotland.

This happens time and time again. You are entrusted – and paid – to share news in a balanced manner, yet this is demonstrably not the case.

I looked at the ‘Scotland’s Future’ page today: not one update since the 25th, even ‘though the page maintains it contains the ‘latest news’ on the upcoming referendum. Seven articles for the whole of April – there are newsworthy stories every single day.

BBC staff may well harbour unfounded concerns about their future should Scotland vote Yes, but the BBC has a duty to reflect the actual facts in an objective manner, not a choice selection. It is not it’s place to further the view of the UK Government – it is supposed to be a fact-based service.

I stopped paying for a TV Licence several months ago, and I will not be paying for one at any point in the foreseeable future.

I don’t just want Yes Scotland press releases all the time – I want balance. 


I fully expect the usual palming-off, of course.


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